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Tidal School Vineyards Gets Innovator of the Year Award

Tidal School Vineyards in Stroud Named for Innovator of the Year Award by The Journal Record.
The Journal Record Innovator of the Year program, now in its seventh year, is an annual celebration of the true spirit of ingenuity in Oklahoma. The award recognizes the successes that make Oklahoma a better place to live and work.
Take a trip out to Stroud to visit Tidal School Vineyards & Winery today! The wine tasting room is located at 412 N. 9th Ave. Stroud, Oklahoma.
Hours: Monday through Saturday 11-6 and Sunday 1-5


Wine Bottle Lamps Celebrate Oklahoma Wine Industry

Oklahoma's growing wine industry offers opportunities for loads of businesses beyond winemaking and grape growing. The beauty of tourism related attractions is that they...well, attract.
One of the many fine local vendors you will see at most Oklahoma wine festivals is VinoGlo.
Located in Ponca City Oklahoma, VinoGlo enables you to convert your favorite wine bottle into an oil lamp.
The glass globe will protect the flame even in windy outdoor areas and a bottle holder prevents it from tipping over. Presto! You now have the perfect patio table centerpiece and a romantic memento to treasure forever. My wife and I made one out of one of the champagne bottle from our wedding and we love it!
Try a VinoGlo Southwestern style Wine bottle lamp kit today! Available over the web or at many Oklahoma wine festivals and gift shops.


Oklahoma Grape Growing Information

Growing wine grapes for profit in Oklahoma is quite a challenge. Farmers interested in starting to grow wine grapes can benefit from a number a valuable resources on the web.

Buying Wine Grapes to Plant:

There are a number of places on the web to purchase wine grape vines. For years, our family has relied on the Henry Field's mail order catalog. Now they have an excellent website offering classic grapes for planting in Oklahoma like:


Cabernet Sauvignon

Cayuga White

Canadice Red Seedless Table Grapes

Oklahoma Grape Growing Tips

To learn the art of grape growing, you can find a wealth of free information on the web. You are also going to want a few good books on the subject such as:

The Grape Grower: A Guide to Organic Viticulture

From Vines to Wines : The Complete Guide

You will also benefit from attending grape pruning instruction from a local winery. Most vineyards will teach you to prune wine grapes for the price of lunch...sometimes it is even free. Several Oklahoma wineries are promoting their grape pruning events right now. In fact, you can usually find out about them by regularly visiting the Oklahoma Wine News blog.


America is Now the Third-Biggest Wine Producing Country

The latest AC Nielsen statistics revealed that the US has eclipsed Italy as the off-trade’s third-biggest wine supplier.

The Nielsen off-trade market share figures, which run up to the end of December
2003, show Australia comfortably ahead of the pack, with 20.4% by volume and
23.7% by value, followed by France with 19.4% and 20%.

Growth of 23% by volume and 20% by value, meanwhile, has put the US, which is 95% California, up to
number three, with 11.7% of volume and 12.5% of value.
Italy, with 11.1% volume and 9.8% value, is relegated to fourth place.

America is Now the Third-Biggest Wine Producing Country - Full Article


Oklahoma Native Creates Winery Gardens

Wine country tourism continues to boom and winery gardens are attractions growing in popularity. One of the most significant gardens created at a modern California wine property is the azalea collection at Far Niente in Napa Valley, which owner, Oklahoma native and wine industry guru Gil Nickel began developing in 1981.

According to Nickel, it is the largest azalea planting in California and contains more than 8,000 plants. He credits his formative years at his family's nursery in Oklahoma for providing him with both the background and the resources to create such a garden.

This wonderfully descriptive and detailed article on Winery Gardens will make you want to get started planting right away!


Glass Wine Stopper Provides Alternative to Wine Corks

Alcoa has invented a resealable glass stopper called Vino-Lok that it says offers a screw cap's advantages, but is more appealing to consumers.
Glass Wine Stopper Wine Cork Alternative


Vine Pruning Class February 28

Vine Pruning Class February 28
At Natura Vineyards & Winery
Saturday, February 28
Lunch included
($10.00 goes to OGGWMA Education Fund)

Please reserve your place by Thursday Feb. 26

Bring work gloves, pruning shears if available
Dress appropriate for weather and/or mud.

Cajun Sampler and Oklahoma Wine Tasting February 28

Cajun Sampler and Wine Tasting Saturday February 28
Natura Vineyards and Winery

Come enjoy an evening sampling the delicious Cajun tastes
Presented by Chef Ryan Linfoot—Edible Art
Along with tastings of Natura’s wines

$18.00 per person
Please reserve by Monday February 23

Treating the Flu with Elderberry

Another clinical study accepted for publication in The Journal of International Medical Research, has found that black elderberry extract reduces flu symptoms and shortens the duration of flu types A & B.

Flu viruses are covered by tiny protein spikes of hemagglutinin, which they use to attach to, and infect, healthy human cells.
Elderberry can be given to children and adults, and with no known side effects or negative interactions. Active substances within the elderberry extract disarm hemagglutinin and thus stop the first step of viral invasion.
Natural Elderberry Extract Shortens Flu Duration by Half - Full Article

Black Elderberry LozengesOn Sale For Only: $9.84 from

Wine Tasting on the Heartland Flyer Train March 20

Wine tasting on the Heartland Flyer Train between Gainesville, TX and Oklahoma City on Saturday, March 20, 2004.
For more information please call Bill Lehman at Canadian River Winery (405) 872 5565.

Oklahoma Grape Growers and Wine Makers and the Heartland Flyer Coalition will host the Heartland Flyer wine tasting event on the First Saturday of every month beginning on April 3, 2004 through December 4, 2004.

OGGWMA - Oklahoma Grape Growers and Wine Makers Association


Ampelography - the Science of Vine Identification

Ampelography - the Science of Vine Identification.
The term ampelography comes from two Greek words: 'ampelos' for vine and 'graphe' for description.

Ampelography is what allows growers to know what they're planting, winemakers to know what they're fermenting and for consumers to know exactly what they're drinking.
This article
provides an enlightening glimpse into this realm of the winemaking world.

OKC Wine Event April 3, 2004

Taste for Sight: Saturday April 3, 2004

Taste for Sight is Oklahoma City's most celebrated wine and food tasting event benefiting Prevent Blindness Oklahoma. It will be held at the Coca-Cola Bricktown Events Center. Enjoy food from the Metro's most highly rated restaurants as well as fine wines and premium beers from over 50 wineries and breweries across the U.S. and abroad! No word yet whether any Oklahoma wineries will be invited.

OKC Wine Event April 3, 2004


Wine Makes You Goodlooking!

Wine...The Secret to Success in Romance

Researchers at Glasgow University have discovered that if you consume two glasses of wine, members of the opposite sex appear more attractive by about 25%.

The research firm Cyberpulse found that 59% of women ages 21-39 wish their sweethearts would give them wine, not candy, on Valentine's Day.

Not to be outdone, London’s Sunday Times reported that wine tastings rank above all other venues for finding a date.

Looking for love? Visit an Oklahoma winery Today!


Oklahoma Wineries Pitch In for St. Joseph's in Norman

Five Oklahoma Wineries Pitch In for St. Joseph's in Norman.

Tonight was the 2nd Annual Norman Wine Festival. Nuyaka Creek was pouring wine, selling wine and giving away loads of brochures and biz cards.

We sold every bottle of Peach Chardonnay we brought with us, got the chance to help out St. Joseph's and meet some of the nicest folks you would ever want to enjoy a gourmet buffet dinner and wine tasting with.

We poured our:

Elderberry Dry, - The healthiest wine you will ever get a chance to drink.

Oklahoma Merlot - a tart wine with a refreshingly light body for a merlot.

Oklahoma Chardonnay - a dry but fruity Chard.

Peach Mist - Made from fresh peaches and Chardonnay grapes, this sells out everywhere we take it.

There were Five Oklahoma wineries there: Natura, Tres Suenos, Plainview, Canadian and Nuyaka Creek. Turnout was higher than expected and they ran out of commemorative wine glasses at the end.

In my opinion, the event went wonderfully, although I wish a could have snuck home with a couple of those tiny cheescake bites!

Okie Wineries


Wine List for the Norman Wine Festival Feb 7, 2004

Wine List for the Norman Wine Festival Feb 7, 2004

Nuyaka Creek Winery will be pouring tastings of 4 of our best wines. Nuyaka Creek is bringing our Oklahoma Merlot, Peach Mist, Elderberry Dry and Oklahoma Chardonnay. Who knows what the other wineries will bring? Oklahoma wine lover's will also have the chance to buy a couple bottles to take home.

Hope to see you there!

St. Joseph's Catholic Church of Norman, Oklahoma
Saturday Feb. 7 from 6:30 - 11:00 p.m. at the Parish Center Gym. Advance tickets $12.50 per person/$20 per couple. At the door - $15 per person/ $25 per couple.

Buffet dinner & commemorative wine glass included in admission. Proceeds to benefit the Parish center. Tickets available in the office or from any committee member.


Canadians Profit from Wine Country Land Prices

Despite the ravages of two bone-chilling Ontario winters, Canada's Prince Edward County wine country just keeps on growing.

Land prices have recently soared. You could buy a parcel for $500 to $1,000 an acre in 1998, says wine importer and grower Ian Hanna. Now it has rocketed to $4,000 to $5,000 an acre. "People see the wine business and think prosperity. So it becomes speculative."

Canadians Profit from Wine Country Land Prices

Anectdotal stories support the conclusion that Oklahoma's growing wine industry is having the same positive impact on land values.


Authentic Oklahoma Country Store and Home

Authentic Oklahoma Country Store and Living Quarters

For Sale!

The Nuyaka Mall - Ready-made home and business in Oklahoma's Green Country

  • 1152 sq. ft. metal building

  • Inventory Included

  • Owners Motivated to Sell

  • Price Allowance for Renovations

Escape to the country and be your own boss!