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2nd Annual Oklahoma Art & Wine Festival w/ Blues

Blues on the Vine in June

Saturday, June 12, 2004 11:00 am - 7:30 pm
Downtown Shawnee, Oklahoma
Cost: $6.00 per person - Anyone over 21 wanting to sample wines will need to bring/show ID for tasting bracelet.
Contact: 405-275-0688

Nuyaka Creek Winery will definately be attending this one, we had a blast in Shawnee at their last wine festival in November. We wouldn't miss this one for the world! I've heard there will be 13 Oklahoma wineries pouring wine head to head. You be the judge of who's Number One!

After the wine tasting, food munching fun will be an evening performance at the Ritz Theatre by DC and Selby Minner 'Blues on the Move'. at 7:30 pm. DC Minner is a big Oklahoma favorite well known from the annual Dusk til Dawn Blues Festival held in Rentiesville, OK.

Tickets for the DC Minner show cost $15.00 and will need to be reserved by calling 273-1080 Downtown Shawnee, Inc.
Oklahoma Wine News - Your source for Sooner State wine tasting events.

State Tunes up Wine Marketing Efforts

The Oregon Legislature recently passed a bill that wine industry executives hope will streamline the state's marketing efforts. The bill replaces the Oregon Wine Advisory Board with a new, semi-independent Oregon Wine Board.

The board is funded by two mandatory excise taxes: a tax of two cents per gallon on wine and $25 per ton on grape growers. Its annual budget of about $800,000 will remain unchanged. Oregon has 127 wineries with combined sales of $200 million in 2002. Judging from the growth of the Oregon wine industry in the last few years, it would appear that the excise taxes are working for them.
State tunes up wine marketing efforts - 2003-09-11 - The Business Journal of Portland

Claus Josef Riedel, Wine Glass Expert, Dies at 79

Wine glass innovator Josef Riedel died last week of a heart attack in Italy. If you've never heard or used a Riedel (pronounced like 'needle') wine stem you are likely missing out on truly tasting the full flavor experience of any wine you drink.

Josef Riedel spent 16 years studying the physics of wine delivery to the mouth and taste buds and experimenting with different glass configurations, matching them with wines of different regions, different grapes and different ages. The lines of Riedel stemware he created from this research have become legendary in the wine industry.

Riedel Stemware

Idle Gossip About Oklahoma Wine Festivals

Rumour has it that this Summer three Oklahoma towns will battle it out for the title of best local wine festival. With festivals scheduled in three different towns, all on the same day in mid-June, choosing which one to attend will be as difficult for the wineries as for the consumers.

Guthrie, Oklahoma, Shawnee, Oklahoma or Drumright, Oklahoma...what is an Oenophile to do?


Partnership Among Colleges, Wine Industry and Government Creates Wealth

A unique partnership of education, industry and government is turning Pennsylvania wine into a 'fuel' for statewide economic development as representatives of Penn State Cooperative Extension, the Pennsylvania Wine Association and the Wine Marketing and Research Board of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture join forces to energize the state's growing winemaking industry.

Mark Chien, viticulture extension educator for Penn State Cooperative Extension, says Pennsylvania is uniquely poised to follow the lead of California's Napa Valley, Ontario's Niagara Peninsula, New York's Long Island and eastern Washington as areas that have gone from depressed rural communities to trendy agrotourism hotspots.
...In general, the old wives' tale is true: where tree fruit crops -- and especially peaches -- thrive, wine grapes grow very well.

Winery-related agrotourism can become an important part of rural economies. Government, educational and industry experts agree that the state's wine industry can have significant economic impact.

Pennsylvania now ranks fifth among states, producing about 700,000 gallons annually, and is the nation's fourth largest grape producer, with about 12,800 acres yielding more than 61,000 tons of grapes each year. According to a recent study, the wine industry directly contributes $50 million to the state's economy and generates another $140 million in tourism-related economic activity.

Partnership Among Colleges, Wine Industry and Government Creates Wealth - Full Article


OGGWMA President Terry Lewis Corrects Inaccurate Statements in Daily Oklahoman

President Terry Lewis corrects inaccurate statements in Daily Oklahoman:
To: Mr. John Greiner, The Daily Oklahoma
In care of the Daily Oklahoman Capitol Bureau staff

From the Oklahoma Grape Growers and Wine Makers Association
Reference March 26, Page 2B article “Retailers criticize wine fee proposal�
Fax: 521-8906

Dear Mr. Greiner,

Thank you so much for your article about the HB2219 bill which will establish the Oklahoma Grape and Wine Commission and provide funding for matching grants for education, agri-tourism and market development for Oklahoma’s value added grape industry.

Please note that the membership figure stated in the article is incorrect. There are 21+ wineries that belong to the organization. In addition there are over 128 vineyard members and additionally, business associate members who serve the needs of the vineyard and winery infrastructure. Your article said that there are 21 members. Our total membership is over 200, all in the business of adding value to Oklahoma’s grape crop. In Rep. Danny Morgan’s district alone there are 16 vineyards and 2 licensed wineries. Senator Gilmer Capps represents 10 vineyards and 1 winery. If you examine our website: you can see that the Oklahoma Grape Growers and Wine Makers Association is spread through out rural Oklahoma.

We are attaching for your review, and possible use in correcting the facts and figures about our industry, our July 2003 vine count survey showing varieties and counties where grape vineyards are growing. This spring thousands of new vines are being planted to increase our crop presence and add to the fantastic economic growth of our industry. At Sparks Vineyard, 3000 new plants will be established. EVERY PLANT THAT COMES FROM CALIFORNIA IS ASSESSED A 1% CALIFORNIA TAX FOR THE CALIFORNIA VINE IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM!

Oklahomans receive no refund on that tax to California.

The Extension course in Grape Management course offered at the OSU Perkins testing facility, taught by retired professor Dean McCraw has been oversubscribed for the last five years. OSU has no continuing source to fund the program beyond the next six months. When HB2219 is passed by the Senate and signed by the Governor, we will have the tool necessary to train the next generation of Oklahomans within the borders of our state. Panhandle State University, St. Gregory’s University and OSU are all looking forward to the opportunities this statewide commission will provide for funding for university curriculum.

Missouri Grape and Wine Program, Washington Wine Commission, and Indiana Wine Grape Council all fund their grape research and enology programs with per gallon assessments on wine sold within their borders.

Three of the 9 members of the Oklahoma Grape and Wine Commission will be appointed by the Governor, including one from the Department of Commerce and one from the Department of Agriculture. The Oklahoma Grape and Wine Commission is organized according to Oklahoma state law. It will be subject to sunset review by the Legislature. The commission has delineated duties and responsibilities that it must perform according to the law.

In regards to the quote by Kenneth Nance calling it a ridiculous tax increase. This commission is funded by assessment on producers NOT consumers. It is not a tax. No Oklahoma winery or grape grower is going to pass what amounts to two cents per bottle or 1.3 cents per pound of grapes on to an Oklahoma wine consumer. Only the value added producer is assessed and all producers are assessed at an equal rate.

If you would like to confirm with official sources, Dr. Barry Bloyd, the State Statistician for Oklahoma has census data from the last Ag Census, which are going to be released in June. He is familiar with our own data. Please refer to House staff that helped to write HB2219 for the definition of a tax versus an assessment.

Thank you again for your interest in our industry. Every person who is working to get the Oklahoma Grape and Wine Commission passed into law is a VOLUNTEER! Paid lobbyists, who receive several thousand dollars each to fight us, represent our opponents.

For further comment, please contact
Dr. Terry Lewis
President, Oklahoma Grape Growers and Wine Makers Association
Or cell 580-541-1070
The Official Tourism Website of Oklahoma Wineries and Vineyards.

Oklahoma City Liquor Retailer Criticizes Wine Commission Proposal

Longtime Oklahoma wine industry opponent Byron Gambulos, of Byron's Liquor Warehouse in OKC, is quoted in the Miami Herald attacking the effort to create an Oklahoma Wine and Grape Commission.
"If they pass that, they will penalize every consumer in the state of Oklahoma for the benefit of 35 wine growers"

Having spoken to Mr. Gambulos personally about carrying Oklahoma wines in his liquor stores, I can tell you he carries an extreme grudge against the entire emerging local wine industry. However, his almost religious belief that taxes are inherently oppressive and unfair is sure to play well in Oklahoma.

Big urban Liquor store owners aren't alone in their opposition, Kenneth Nance, who represents California wine industry lobbying group The Wine Institute, said:
"I think it is a ridiculous tax increase. An independent commission with $1 million with no supervision from anybody and them being able to spend it any way they want to."

Since everyone expects the brunt of that tax money will be collected from people who sell wine to Oklahomans from out of state, supporters of the new commission cannot expect much support outside of the Sooner State.

Terry Lewis, president of the Oklahoma Grape Growers and Wine Makers Association, said similar legislation has been passed in other states. Much of this money produced from the fees would be used for educating people on growing grapes and making wine. Terry has the Indian Creek Village Winery in Ringwood, Oklahoma.
"We're trying to help an industry get off the ground," said Sen. Harry Coates, R-Seminole, the author of the legislation.

Oklahoma City Liquor Retailer Criticizes Wine Commission Proposal


Okiedoke Provides Vintage Oklahoma Wine Tasting Notes

Top notch Oklahoma blogger OkieDoke, from Little Axe Oklahoma, has reviewed Nuyaka Creek Winery's Oklahoma Shiraz.

"...This wine ranks as the best Oklahoma produced red wine I've tasted to date. Joe's Place Fine Wine & Spirits in Norman has about 10 different choices of Nuyaka Creek wines, all modestly priced..."
Full tasting notes on Okiedoke web log
Joe's Place in Norman has been supporting the efforts of Oklahoma wineries for years. Were lucky to have them in business here.


Elderberry Wine for Reduction of Hypoglycemia Symptoms

Oklahoma Carb Counter News has posted a very interesting article on the author's experience using Elderberry wine, in moderation, to reduce his hypoglycemia symptoms.

Looks like some exciting work he has done!

Spring Fling at Natura Vineyards and Winery

Saturday, April 24 at 7 pm
Easy listening music With Debbie Carder
Yummy hors d’ouerves and sweets By Edible Art—Ryan Linfoot
And of course wine tasting!
$18.00 per person

Please call the winery By Thursday, April 22 for Reservations 756-9463 (WINE)


Ponca City Iris Festival May 1

It looks like the good folks in Ponca City Oklahoma have decided to add a wine tasting event to their annual Iris Festival. As you may already know, the Nuyaka Creek Winery 2004 Oklahoma Wine Festival will also be held on May 1, 2004. Sadly, this means we won't be able to attend.

One of the highlights of the 2004 Nuyaka Creek WineFest is going to be the opportunity to buy some Oklahoma wine grapes to plant in your own yard. WineFest attendees are advised to drive their pickup trucks, so that they can take home some baby wine grapes. Usually, the price of shipping alone can double the cost of buying vineyard grape vines. Come on out to the winery May 1st, 2004 and save BIG!


2004 Philbrook Wine Experience, May 7th & 8th

Philbrook Wine Experience, May 7th & 8th

Get ready for the Philbrook Wine Experience, May 7th & 8th. Distinguished American and International Vintners will gather together for gourmet cuisine in the intimate setting of the Philbrook Museum of Art. The 2004 Philbrook Wine Experience is dedicated to raising money to support the operating needs of the museum and the Public School Education Initiative.

Highlights of this upscale event include:

  • May 7 at 6pm - Sparkling Wine Reception & Silent Auction with Vintners Dinner & Live Auction $1750 per couple.

  • May 8 at 5pm - Wine Tasting and Seminar with Select Vintners, $75 per person.

  • May 8 at 6:30pm - Grand Wine Tasting with Gourmet Cuisine, $100 members/$125 nonmembers.

The Philbrook Wine Experience is considered to be one of the top American wine tasting events. With 93% growth in just two years, the event has become central to supporting Philbrook’s mission and unique educational programs.

Advance reservations only.
Philbrook members receive priority invitations to this sell-out event. Nonmembers should contact Paige McLain (918) 748-5348 or to request an invitation. Subscriptions are filled on first come, first served basis. By subscribing to an event, you automatically become a member of the Philbrook Wine Society.

2004 Philbrook Wine Experience


Cynthiana - The American Wine Grape

What fine wine grape offers the winter-hardiness and strong disease resistance of native grapes, while still being capable of making exquisite dry red table wines? The Cynthiana (or Norton) grape, of course! has posted a nice article on 'The Cabernet of the Ozarks' and Stone Bluff Cellars makes a dry red Cynthiana table wine from their Oklahoma vineyard. Taste a Cynthiana wine today, its been an American tradition since the 1800's!

Cynthiana - The American Wine Grape


Oklahoma Grape Resources and Wine Production Act Battle

Why would ANY Oklahoman oppose HB2219?

The Vinita and Shawnee Chambers of Commerce endorse and wrote letters supporting Oklahoma agri-tourism and the passage of HB2219. Rural Oklahoma communities have witnessed an economic awakening in their areas when grape vineyards and wineries are established. Sales taxes are up markedly in their towns and there are new jobs created in vineyard and retail operations. There are more than 300 acres of vines planted, and some 20 commercial wineries across Oklahoma.

Baby boomers, residing in or returning to Oklahoma for second careers in the grape and wine industry, are inheriting original family homesteads dating to Statehood and diversifying operations into grape vineyards. They love Oklahoma and want to create a positive enduring industry in their birthplaces and preserve the cultural heritage of the state.

Full Article- Letter to Urban Tulsa Editor from Rinda and James Skaggs

Wine Reduces Risk of Heart Disease in Elderly

New research indicates that senior citizens who drink wine, beer or spirits may be less likely to develop heart disease than nondrinkers, according to a study published in the March issue of the medical journal Atherosclerosis...Full Article - Wine Reduces Risk of Heart Disease in Elderly


Shawnee Wine and Arts Festival June 12, 2004

12 of finest wineries in Oklahoma will be coming to downtown Shawnee, Oklahoma to give tastings and sell their wines. There will also be Art, Food and Great Music. Last Fall, this event drew about 1800 visitors, despite absolutely awful weather. This year should be even bigger. Will Nuyaka Creek Winery be there? Count on it! Now, I wonder which wines we should bring...comments?

Oklahoma Wine: Shawnee Wine/Arts Fest


Heartland Flyer Wine Fest Saturday March 20

Starting this Saturday, the Hearland Flyer will be conducting Oklahoma Wine Tastings. The event will be repeated on the first Saturday of the month for the remainder of the year.

Enjoy the unique scenery unfolding outside the windows of Amtrak's Heartland Flyer, running it's 418-mile daily round trip between Oklahoma City, heart of the Sooner State, to Fort Worth, Texas, the original "Cowtown". On the trip home, enjoy tasting some fine Oklahoma wines.

Heartland Flyer Wine Fest


Iowa Wine Industry Success Requires Regional Identity

Much like in Oklahoma, the number of wineries in Iowa has grown very rapidly in the last few years!

Iowa winery owners say there is a growing market for regional wine. They say the key to success is to make varieties that have a regional identity. Full Article - Vineyards a Growing Presence in Northeast Iowa.


Swing into Spring Saturday, March 20 at Natura Winery

Swing into Spring With Natura Winery
(just north of Okmulgee, OK) Saturday, March 20 at 7pm
Enjoy easy Listening Music by Debbie Carder, a Karaoke contest between sets, Hors d'ouerves and a wine tasting!

Price: $18.00 per person
Please reserve by Thurs. March 18 756-9463 (WINE)

***New this Spring and Summer***
Light lunch served on Friday-Sunday
Enjoy a salad or wrap sandwich and something sweet
On the deck or in the tasting room
Call the winery for available lunch items or prices
Oklahoma Wine News Your Source for local wine tasting events.


Okmulgee County Commissioners approve replacing the Nuyaka Bridge

This could be good news for visitors to the winery at Nuyaka Creek. The trip may be becoming less exciting and more safe.
I have been told that the Nuyaka Bridge is the last crooked wooden bridge in the state.
The Okmulgee County Commissioners approved the Programming Resolution concerning the replacing of the Nuyaka Bridge.

Wine Tasting Pictures from Harwelden Mansion Event

February 28, 2004, Harwelden Mansion held it's 'Tastes from Around the World' wine tasting event and charity fund drive.

Harwelden Mansion

This event is held to benefit a gifted kids school run by the University of Tulsa. Here are some of the pictures from the 2004 event. Tastes from Around the World at Harwelden Mansion.


Vinography Salutes the Half Bottle

Wine Guru web log Vinography offers a moving 'Ode to Wine in the Half Bottle'

A good thing in small package, preventer of DUIs, savior of single bachelors, facilitator of multi-wine dinners for two, perfect picnic companion, easily backpackable, saver of cellar space, goodness... Trackback

Vinography Salutes the Half Bottle

Second Annual Le Tour De Vin May 22 Norman, OK

The second annual Le Tour De Vin, Norman's Annual Festival of Food and Wine, will be held May 22, 2004, at the Kerr McGee Stadium Club in the Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium. The event will feature domestic and import wines, an opportunity to meet the winemakers, gourmet cuisine from area restaurants and venders, a silent auction and exciting live auction. Entertainment will be provided by Edgar Cruz. By Invitation Only

Le Tour De Vin benefits the American Red Cross, Heart of Oklahoma Chapter and Cross Timbers Rotary Club. For information on being a sponsor, e-mail or call 405.205.6979.

Wine Tasting on the Heartland Flyer

The Heartland Flyer Wine Fest will feature the first wine tasting trip in 2004 on March 20. Passengers are offered samplings of made-in-Oklahoma wines and sometimes made-in-Oklahoma cheeses as well. Tastings are held on Train 822 during its northbound trip from Fort Worth, Texas. Nuyaka Creek Winery and Sparks Winery are expected to attend.

Reservations for the Heartland Flyer can be made by calling (800) USA-RAIL and on the Internet at

Full article on the Heartland Flyer

Woody Guthrie Road Show Promotes Okemah Event

Organizers of the annual Woody Guthrie Folk Festival have scheduled a benefit concert and CD release celebration beginning at 7:30 p.m. March 27 in the Meacham Auditorium at the Oklahoma Memorial Union, on the campus of the University of Oklahoma in Norman.

The purpose of the concert is to provide a sampler of the music featured at the annual summer folk music festival in Okemah, Okla., birthplace of internationally known songwriter Woody Guthrie, and to mark the release of Welcome Home, Woody: An Oklahoma Tribute to Woody Guthrie," a limited-edition CD of live performances recorded at the 2003 Woody Guthrie Folk Festival.

Nuyaka Creek Winery has supported the Okemah Woody Guthrie Festival for years. This year we hope to introduce attendees to our line of Oklahoma wines. Stay tuned to this web log for more details...
Woody Guthrie Road Show Promotes Okemah Event

CA Vineyard Employs Owl Army in Rodent Defense

The sustainable farming movement that is spreading through the vineyards of California is leading to more diverse vineyard environments and better harvests. In many vineyards, herbicides were once sprayed to keep the narrow corridors between vines bare and brown and now cover crops are used to crowd out weeds and attract 'good' insects to feed on the pesky ones.

One grower has put up nesting boxes and perches to attract rodent-hunting birds, including 30 owl boxes in nearby trees. Counting 500 gopher skulls in the accumulated debris under one box, made a believer out of him! To learn more about organic pest controls check out Gardens Alive's Complete Pest and Disease Guide.

Vineyard Deathmatch - Owls vs. Rodents (Full Article)


Bill to Form Oklahoma Grape and Wine Commission Passes House

Oklahoma House Bill 2219 will move on to the state senate. The bill would levy a tax assessment on wine grapes grown in Oklahoma and wine bottled in the state as well. The funds would be used for education and promotion of the wine industry in Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Grape and Wine Commission would be formed to drive vitaculture and enology research, promote rural economic development, promote agri-tourism, provide educational programs for grape growing and wine making in Oklahoma and open new markets for Oklahoma grape and wine products.

Oklahoma grape growers would assess themselves $15 per ton of grapes they sell. State winemakers would assess themselves 10 cents per gallon of wine they manufacture and out-of-state sellers would be assessed 10 cents per gallon of wine sold in the state.


Nuyaka Creek Winery Newsletter Killed In Action

Unfortunately, due to recent security/spam related issues and the difficulty of updates with the Nuyaka Creek Winery Newsletter, we will no longer be mailing the newsletter to our subscribers.

However, we are still commited to providing you with regularly updated winery news and events. To that end, the content previously mailed out to our hundreds of subscribers, will now be published to this web log. Near the bottom of the page is a Bloglet textbox that will allow you to sign up for notification of updates, however, WE will no longer be storing your email information.

One of the upsides of this change is that Oklahoma Wine news carries event listings for many oklahoma wineries, not just Nuyaka Creek. Oklahoma Wine News web log.


Summer Wine Festival Coming to Claremore?

There is a rumour going around that Claremore, Oklahoma is planning a summer wine festival this year sometime in June. Of course, Nuyaka Creek will have our own festival on May 1st, 2004.
Keep watching Oklahoma Wine News web log for details!


The Littlest Picker

The Littlest Picker

Today, we went to pick grapes at the Davenport Winery in Eudora, Kansas. It is about a half-an-hour from our house. Misty and I really like the wine from there so we decided it would be a good idea to help them out and get the harvest done. Plus, they were going to feed us and invite us to the unveiling party for a new wine they have coming out this fall...Adventures in Fatherhood: The Littlest Picker

Making Money From Unripe Wine Grapes

Verjus is an ancient, unfermented food elixir made from unripe grapes. The clear pale-green liquid is widely used in European and Persian cooking as a vinegar or lemon-juice substitute.

Wine grape growers traditionally remove green grapes, so vines can focus their energies on the remaining crop. By rediscovering verjus, Alexander Gelles has found a way of taking a vineyard waste product and making something useful and maybe a new revenue. Full Article


Oklahoma Wine Grape Pruning Event

Spring means Pruning the Wine Grapes!

If you are interested in participating, just bring your pruners out the vineyard on March 13th, 2004 from 10am until 2pm.

Some of our most enthusiastic customers have asked about helping prune the grapes. In response, Dad will be conducting some wine grape pruning instruction at the vineyard.

Expect to spend some time trimming the vines, have a snack and share some wine afterwards.

Nuyaka Creek Winery - Nuyaka, Oklahoma

FedEx to Ship Wine for WineAmerica Members

FedEx, the Memphis-based shipping company, and WineAmerica launch an affinity program for the grape-growers group's 700 member businesses.

Besides discounted access to FedEx Ground and FedEx Express shipping services, WineAmerica members also will receive free access to the FedEx packaging lab for advice on packaging and protection. It will mean greater consumer access to member wines at competitive pricing, according to FedEx.

Washington, D.C.-based WineAmerica, formerly the American Vintners Association, is the national trade association for America's wineries. The association has more than 700 members in 48 states.
Most members are small, family-owned and operated farm enterprises that produce less than 10,000 cases of wine per year. WineAmerica's mission is to encourage the dynamic growth and development of America's wineries and wine making through the advancement and advocacy of sound public policy.


Blogger Makes Elderberry Mead

Zaecus: My elderberry mead is so black that it absorbs light, and that's after I cut it 50/50 with a more traditionally amber colored mead.

Blogger Makes Elderberry Mead...Seeks Testing Lab.

Three Oklahoma Wineries at Harwelden Event

Three Oklahoma wineries turned out to support "Tastes from Around the World" at Harwelden Mansion in Tulsa. Nuyaka Creek Winery, Stone Bluff Cellars and Tidal School Vineyards gave attendees a taste of vintage Oklahoma wines.

A silent Auction was held and Tulsa auctioneer Jay Litchfield conducted a successful live auction. The money raised went to support the University School at the University of Tulsa.

This unique Oklahoma school provides a place for gifted children to develop peer age friendships, an opportunity for leadership, and a place where special abilities are valued. The mission of the University School is to serve as a national model of excellence in pre-college education for students with high academic potential. It is a full school program for able learners age three through eighth grade.