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How to Judge Wine Grape Ripeness Before Harvest

With all of the wine grape harvest celebrations around the state this month, you may have wondered how vineyard managers know when the time is right to harvest their wine grapes.

Edward Hellman of Texas A&M University has written the excellent article linked below to help grape growers know when to harvest.
Grape ripeness is an elusive concept for many people and sometimes an elusive achievement for vineyards.

Much of the difficulty with discussions of grape ripeness is that there is often an implied standard, but in reality, ripeness is an entirely subjective judgment. So, there are really two issues to address: 1) how do we define grape ripeness and 2) how do we measure ripeness parameters to assist our harvest decisions.

...Ripeness is really defined by the individual, whether grape grower or winemaker, and it is primarily a function of the intended use for the grapes. Often, an individual’s definition of ripeness is also influenced by what is “typical? for that variety in their growing region. Some benchmark of ripeness is achieved in one or more seasons and all subsequent crops are compared to that benchmark.

Read the full article for a wealth of information on how grape ripeness impact The Sugar vs Flavor Debate issue.

How to Judge Wine Grape Ripeness Before Harvest


Free Trade Advocacy from The Vision Thing

Another prominent blogger responded to our recent posting called: How to Profit from Wine Shipping Commerce Barriers.

Effern from The Vision Thing posts his feelings about the corrupt 3-tier alcohol sales system and its loopholes:
So translation, the Texas law prohibiting booze shipments is total bull. But this other outfit found a way to profit from the loophole, thus costing me more to get my beloved Potato Vodka (Glacier, baby - I found a bottle in Memphis) than it would to just order direct and get it over with.

I don't fault the outfit for finding and exploiting the loophole, I fault Texas for necessitating it. Dig?

Read the full article here: The Vision Thing: On Shipping Reform

Proposed State Questions on the 2004 Oklahoma Ballot

This year, Oklahoma legislators decided that they were far too busy mucking around with the state constitution to worry about the needs of Oklahoma wine consumers, wineries and or any tourism industry besides 'Gaming'. Between the executions and the push for more legalized gambling, the Bible Belt is becoming downright unrecognizable. The effort to get a vote of the people on two issues Oklahoma winemakers and grape growers tried to get on the ballot... appears to be doomed.

Here's a short list of what our leaders thought was worthy of voting on:

  • SQ. 705 - Creates the Oklahoma Education Lottery Act

  • SQ. 706 - Amends the Oklahoma Constitution to create the Oklahoma Education Lottery Trust Fund.

  • SQ. 707 - Amends the Oklahoma Constitution to ease the use of certain city, town and county taxes and fees.

  • SQ. 708 - Amends the Oklahoma Constitution to tighten restrictions on the use of the Rainy Day Fund.

  • SQ. 711 - Amends the Oklahoma Constitution to makes issuing a marriage license a misdemeanor

  • SQ. 712 - Enacts the State-Tribal Gaming Act to allow Tribes to use new types of gaming machines and Horse Racing tracks to get into the act as well.

  • SQ. 713 - Ends the sales tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products and places a new 4 cents per cigarette tax.

  • SQ. 714 - Amends the Oklahoma Constitution to change the method for finding the fair cash value of low income households.

  • SQ. 715 - Amends the Oklahoma Constitution to create an injured veterans exemption from property tax.

Remember: "In democracy its your vote that counts.; In feudalism its your count that votes." -- Mogens Jallberg

You can read brief summaries and even download the full text of this election's Oklahoma State ballot questions from this site:
Proposed State Questions on the 2004 Oklahoma Ballot

Oklahoma Czech Festival Oct 2

This annual event features ethnic celebration that includes a parade, Czech singing and dancing, colorful Czech costumes, kolaches and klobasy, Oklahoma wines, beer garden, authentic Czech food, tractor show, handmade items, craft booths and a carnival.

Special this year are the first-time offering of commemorative wines with Oklahoma Czech Festival 2004 on the label.

These wines, along with all your favorite wines from Sparks Vineyard & Winery can be tasted and purchased at the festival. The commemorative labels feature the festival logo and the bottles are dressed with capsules matched to the Czech-flag colors - a true special keepsake to help celebrate your Czech heritage.

Date: Oct 2, 2004. Saturday opens 8 am.
Place: 5th and Cedar, Oklahoma Czech Building, Yukon, OK.
Phone: 405-206-8142,


How to Profit from Wine Shipping Commerce Barriers

California Firm Finds A New Way to Profit from Prohibition
The insightful blog: Knowledge Problem has posted an interesting story about a new wine storage company called 55 Degrees.

Fifty Five Degrees facilitates your wine storage by allowing you to rent shipment receipt and storage services from them, and then when you ship your wine into a non-reciprocal state, you are shipping it to yourself, and it does not count as commercial interstate wine shipment.

Although many wineries are not allowed to sell and ship you wine, they can sell you wine that you then store at the climate-controlled facility in St. Helena that 55 Degrees owns. Basically, this allows the customer to pay a premium to avoid the contraints of the massively over-regulated industry. Other benefits include longterm wine storage for wine collectors and vintage wine investors and increased supply for wine clubs.

Knowledge Problem Comments on 55 Degrees Wine Storage Company


Watonga, Oklahoma Cheese Festival Oct. 8-9

Oklahoma Wine and Cheeses in Watonga

The Northern Oklahoma town of Watonga opens its doors for cheese tours, a rat race, a made-in-Oklahoma food and wine tent, food contests, quilt and art shows, craft booths and a carnival.

Visitors can park at the Fairgrounds and ride the free shuttle buses which will again take visitors for free tours of the Watonga Cheese Factory, T.B. Ferguson Museum, and the restored Ferguson Chapel.

Watonga Cheese Festival admission is $3.00 for adults, which provides entry to everything but the amusement rides. Children under 12 are admitted to the Festival free of charge. Proceeds from ticket sales are used to fund community activities and events as well as operation of the Watonga Chamber of Commerce.

For more info call: (580) 623-5452

Cheese Festival, 2004, Watonga, Oklahoma


Wine Industry Battles for Direct Shipping Rights

Yesterday, WineAmerica, a national wine trade association, filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in a case that could have profound implications for the future of the rapidly growing regional and local wine industry throughout the country.

Read it for yourself, this issue is a bit complicated. The issue is that some states allow in-state wineries to direct ship their wine to customers within that state. At the same time, they refuse to let wineries from other states direct ship wine into their state.

This would normally go against the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution. However, thanks to the constitutional meddling of a bunch of do-gooders and the politicians willing to pander to them, Prohibition was enacted. Decades ago, after an ocean of crime, blood and corruption... Prohibition was repealed, but its dark stain continues to blur the wisdom of our nation's most sacred document today.

WineAmerica's fight to open U.S. wine markets for direct shipping has had mixed results, so far. Some courts are finding that ending direct shipping of wine entirely is the simplest way to resolve the unfairness that the wine trade association is complaining about.

In New Jersey, this amounted to less choice for customers and less opportunity for their own state's emerging wine industry. According to U.S. Treasury Department data, the 50 largest American wineries account for 87 percent of the wine sold by volume. Some feel that the small wineries in WineAmerica's alliance are 'dancing with the elephants', and seeing predictable results.

If that debate is too much legal mumbo-jumbo for your taste, you can find some great wine industry insight on an excellent blog I've been reading lately. Visit H.J.'s World of Wine. Read his blog's credo quoted below:


I believe that wine is a beverage that should be enjoyed frequently, alone or with meals. I believe that wine, since it is made from a fruit, should produce a liquid reminiscent of that fruit, not cedar, moss, pipe tobacco, barnyards, manure, pencil lead, or band aids. As such, I believe that good wine can come from any country, but it must be labeled in such a way that the consumer doesn't need an atlas and a wine encyclopedia to figure out what's in the bottle. I believe that the United States should not trail the civilized world in wine consumption per capita and that neo-prohibitionists, wine snobs, and liquor distributors are all joined in a trilateral commission to hinder wine consumption. I believe that wine needs to lose its elitist image by embracing alternative packaging, alternative closures, non-vintage wines, stronger branding, and lower retail prices...

All I can say to that is...AMEN! Stop by and visit HJWOW and tell 'em Oklahoma Wine News sent ya!


Wolfberry Wine for The Chinese Market?

Herbal Health Wine

Wine made from the Chinese herb wolfberry - long associated with a variety of health benefits including its use as a preventative against diabetes and impotence – is in line for a marketing push after receiving UK investment.

The private equity investor, Actis, has invested $10 million in China Wolfberry Holding, the company which manufactures and markets the "healthy" wine under the Ning Xia Hong brand.
Traditionally wolfberries and various products made from the herb have been felt to prevent various diseases, such as diabetes.

Interest has been growing globally in wines made from non-traditional musts such as elderberry, sumac and wolfberry. It remains to be seen whether this reprsents a longterm trend or merely a passing fad. Either way, with the Chinese market for alcoholic drinks is worth an estimated $6.5bn a year. Capturing even a small portion of that market would yield large financial returns.
Full article here.

Weekend Wine Festivals, Art and Other High Culture

Plenty of things to do in Oklahoma this weekend.

We have three Oklahoma wine festivals at Stone Bluff Cellars, Natura Winery and Canadian River Winery this weekend.

Plus, Tulsa's awesome Philbrook museum is presenting Feast the Eye, Fool the Eye...a fascinating exhibition of Trompe-l'oeil art.

Trompe-l'oeil (pronounced tromp loy) is a French term literally meaning trick the eye. Sometimes called illusionism, it is a style of painting which gives the appearance of three-dimensional or photographic realism in paint.

...trompe-l’oeil paintings specifically attempt to deceive the viewer into believing that a two-dimensional painting is in reality a three-dimensional vignette.

There is a story from ancient Greece about two painters who were rivals in a contest. Each painter would try to make a picture that produced a more perfect illusion of the real world. One, named Zeuxis, painted a likeness of grapes so natural that birds flew down to peck at them.

Then his opponent, Parrhasius brought in his picture covered in a cloth. Reaching out to lift the curtain, Zeuxis was stunned to discover he had lost the contest. What had appeared to be a cloth was in reality his rival's painting.

HGTV even teaches a few Trompe-l'oeil techniques for decorating your part of the world. Check out the tasting room at Natura Winery, to see it in action.


Red Wine to Prevent Prostate Cancer in Men

Researchers who published their findings online in The International Journal of Cancer found that men who consumed four or more glasses of red wine per week reduced their risk of prostate cancer by 50 percent.

Drinking a glass of red wine a day may cut a man's risk of prostate cancer in half, and the protective effect appears to be strongest against the most aggressive forms of the disease, according to a new study led by investigators at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Interestingly, they found no significant effects, positive nor negative, associated with the consumption of beer or hard liquor and no consistent risk reduction with white wine, which suggests that there must be a beneficial compound in red wine that other types of alcohol lack.

Check out the full article here: A Glass of Red Wine a Day May Keep Prostate Cancer Away.

Jennifer Rosen Examines the Failed 3-Tier System

Required Reading for Oklahoma Wine Law Activists

Jennifer Rosen writes an award-winning wine column that appears every week in Colorado's Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post. This week she rips into this country's absurd, abusive and counter-productive Interstate Shipping laws for wines in
Three Tiers for Wine:Hip, Hip, Hypocrisy!

The interstate commerce clause of the Constitution made this country a powerful trade zone by keeping goods moving freely through the states. With the exception of wine. When the 21st Amendment repealed Prohibition, each state was granted the right to regulate its own alcohol sales. The idea was that some might want to stay dry. None did. But all pounced happily on the loophole, using it to protect local business, some by banning direct shipping, and virtually all through the “three-tier system? which plops a mandatory state wholesaler and retailer between a drinker and his bottle.

Check out her very detailed and eye-opening article online: Jennifer Rosen Article on the 3-Tier System


Dallas Beaujolais Nouveau Festival Nov. 19

Make Reservations Now!

How many of you know there is a law in France stating that Beaujolais Nouveau can only be released from wineries at the stroke of midnight on the third Thursday of every November?

Now, thanks to the French-American Chamber of Commerce, you can pop the corks simultaneously with the French. They've arranged to have the first cases of BN flown in for the Beaujolais Festival on November 19 from 7-9:00pm at the Adam's Mark Hotel. Here's a chance to see if french wines have as much to teach Oklahoma winemakers as some experts think.

Beaujolais Festival Ticket Price Includes: Commemorative Wine Glass, Food and Wine Tasting
Tickets Are Non-Refundable
Dress - Cocktail or Business Attire

This soiree sells out fast so call 972-241-0111 or hit for tickets.
French-American Chamber of Commerce Dallas/Fort Worth


A Tasty Affair in Shawnee Sept. 23

Shawnee Chamber of Commerce Fundraiser

A food and wine tasting event benefiting the Greater Shawnee Area Chamber of Commerce will be held on Thurday, September 23rd.

The evening begins with the reception and silent auction at 5:30 p.m. and entertainment from Dale Gober. Tastings from 24 restaurant and beverage booths begin at 6:30 p.m. and a live auction starts at 7:30 p.m.

One of Oklahoma's most renowned chefs return this year to the Tasty Affair. Executive Chef Kurt Fleischfresser of Dale will present his creative offerings from the Metro Wine Bar and Bistro in Oklahoma City.

Beverages to be served include: Premium Beer, Pepsi products and wine tastings from Sparks Vineyard and Winery.

Tickets are $25 and available at the Chamber at 131 N. Bell until 5 p.m. Thursday.
For more information, call 273-6092.

Full article in the Shawnee News-Star Online: Yummy event set to benefit Chamber

Cabin Creek Press Release Party Oct. 9

Cabin Creek Vineyard Near Grand Lake
Oct. 9 from 12:30 - 5:00 pm


Come and enjoy the pressing of the 2004 Red Harvest (special pressing)
$6 per person. Groups Welcome!

Enjoy a Grape Pressing Demonstration at 1:30pm

Bring your Best Picnic Contest 1-4
(prizes awarded for 3 categories)

Live Music from 2pm-5pm

Reserve Now seating/tables limited
Call: 918-606-3608
Cabin Creek Wines


Be a Virtual Wine Grape Vineyard Manager

Take the Vineyard Challenge
See if you have the right combination of luck, skill and judgement to become a Master Grape Grower or merely a Lowly Wine Peddler.

The Vineyard Challenge! is one of those JavaScript based resource management games on a web page. It was free enough and fun enough to keep me, my wife and my son busy for a few hours.
Try it yourself!

The Sugar vs Flavor Debate

There is a very interesting article in the July issue of Wine Business Monthly. It concerns a global wine industry trend: grapes are getting sweeter while wines are getting higher in alcohol.

Some winemakers are demanding higher sugars from growers, reflecting standards that seem to have changed from what they were a couple of years ago. There is tension between vintners and growers on this. The quest for big wines creates challenges.

The quest for big wines creates challenges and there is tension between vintners and growers on this.

Check out the full article:

WebMD Article - Wine Eases Blood Pressure Risks

Researchers say wine may be the key ingredient that helps explain why people with high blood pressure are more likely to die from heart disease in the U.S. than those with the same high blood pressure in the Mediterranean.

The study found that moderate wine drinkers at every level of blood pressure were significantly less likely to die from any cause during a 13- to 21-year follow-up period.

Full article from Wine Eases Blood Pressure Risks

Three New Juices from Redland Juice Company

Redland Juice Company in Lexington, Oklahoma has announced the release of three (non-alcoholic) juices this month:

1. 2004 Maiden Oklahoma White-more tart and citrusy than 2003

2. Oklahoma Chardonnay-grown at Willow Pond Vineyard, beautifully labelled and capsuled in a Christmas green-only needs a red ribbon to be a perfect gift.

3. Mars-we believe this is the first time this Arkansas grape has been released as a bottled juice-smooth, sweet, the perfect color and packaging for harvest time gift giving.

Most OGGWMA wineries sell Redland juices so take some time to visit them !

Redland Juice Company. Lexington, Oklahoma


Panther Hills Winery Opening April 1, 2005

Oklahoma Wine Industry Growth Continues

2005 promises to be a banner year for Oklahoma winemakers and grape growers. Business men, farmers and young families all over the state are planting their wine grapes, building tasting rooms, and creating wine festival arts and crafts to take part in the developing Oklahoma wine tourism industry. The appeal of an exciting job meeting great people while pioneering an industry that won't abandon our region... is catching on fast.

Panther Hills Winery is in Western Oklahoma and was established as a licensed winery in the summer of 2004.
Panther Hills Winery
Currently, all vineyard work is performed by Ron and his three children, Kate, Stefanie, and Sam. Ron's viticulture philosophy is to keep it as natural and organic as possible. In the winery, Ron has a similar philosophy. All wines are allowed to undergo fermentation using only the naturally occuring yeasts that are present on the grapes. Fermentation is conducted under temperature controlled conditions and monitored closely.

In addition to Panther Hills, look for Woodland Park Vineyards, Twin Lakes Vineyard and Parsons Vineyard and Winery to open in the spring of 2005 as well. Those that become successful should spawn restaurants, lodging, cooperage, art studios and a wealth of other complimentary enterprises.


Public Invited to Nuyaka Winery Party Sept 18

Hope to see you Saturday at the WineFest!

Nuyaka Creek Winery Harvest Festival Sept 18


Foodie Festival Fundraiser Sept 26

Slow Food Tulsa Harvest Festival Fundraiser

Time: September 26, 2004 3pm to 5pm
Place: Harwelden Mansion, Tulsa

Details: Cooking demonstration, local food and wines, and hors d’oeuvres all featuring locally made products.

$20 donation is requested for attendance
Contact: Rebecca Bryant
or call 918-645-7987

Oklahoma Wines, Vineyard, and Wineries Tourism Site.


Tulsa Wine Meetup Group at Tippins Sept. 28

The Tulsa Wine Meetup Group has an event in two weeks.

See who's coming and help your Organizer better plan the event
by RSVPing:

What: Tulsa Wine September Meetup

When: Tuesday, September 28 at 7:00PM
Where: Tippin's Restaurant & Pie Pantry
7828 E 71st S
Tulsa OK 74133

Oklahoma Wine News - Local Wine Events and News


Okie Wines at Woodward Fall-A-Days Festival Oct. 15-17

Woodward, Oklahoma Fall-A-Days Festival

Although the annual Fall-A-Days arts, crafts and trade show has been going on for the last 17 years, this will be their first ever made-in-Oklahoma products and wine festival. Mark your calendar now to attend this great event.
Date: Oct 15-17, 2004. Fri 11-9, Sat 10-9 and Sun 12-6.
Place: Woodward, Expo Center.
Phone: 580-256-4101.

Small Business Trends Blog Reviews Oklahoma Wine News

Anita Campbell and Dave Patterson write one of my favorite business blogs - Small Business Trends.
This week they were kind enough to include a review of Oklahoma Wine News in their regular PowerBlog Reviews section. Since the Oklahoma wine industry almost completely consists of small businesses...I cannot reccomend their blog highly enough.

The blog is an extremely strong resource for anyone who wants to keep tabs on the changing technology trends that impact small and midsize businesses.

See the full article: Small Business Trends Blog Reviews Oklahoma Wine News.


New in 2005 - Woodland Park Vineyards and Winery

Woodland Park Vineyards and Winery is a small family owned Oklahoma winery that will open in Spring of 2005. There are eight varieties in three locations on the 66 acre farm. The vines are planted in ten foot rows and use the Geneva Double Curtain trellis system.

Woodland Park Vineyards
3023 North Jardot
Stillwater, OK 74075
Phone: 405.743.2442

Woodland Park Vineyards


Extreme Makeover for Oklahoma Wineries

Lately, I have been noticing lots of interesting changes to some of the Oklahoma wine related sites I visit. is offering some nice wine jewelry and they have a new page of wine business resources for starting your own winery.

Preparations continue for the Nuyaka Creek Winery Harvest Festival Sept 18. Larry Spears has teamed up with his friends Tom Skinner and Rocky Friscoe to provide some live Oklahoma-style music to go along with the Oklahoma wine tasting (taste dozens of locally produced wines). Thankfully, they are bringing out a Big Screen TV, so no one will have to miss the OU game.

Summerside Vineyard, Winery and Inn in Vinita has launched a new site design. Offering loads of new color and movement, the new design displays a diverse and vivid bouquet to match their selection of Oklahoma wines.

Natura Winery and Indian Creek Villiage Winery have also redesigned their websites. The new designs are much easier to navigate and more search engine friendly.

In Cultivate Grapes for Looks, Products, Associated Press writer Dean Fosdick examines the large number of products you can 'squeeze' from a grape. Here's a taste of his article:

Several California growers are selling zinfandel vinegars, chardonnay-teriyaki marinades and black-truffle-grapeseed oils with their bottled wines. That's in addition to the more traditional culinary products: jellies and unfermented grape juices, raisins and grape leaves used for wrapping around such things as rice and lamb before cooking. (Look for Dolma recipes on the Internet.)

Landscapers also recommend grapes for their ornamental value. Train vines to climb arbors, porches and pergolas, and you're rewarded with cooling shade in the summer and colorful foliage in the fall.

The full article goes on to relate a story of a man who trained his grape vine to grow up the side of a 3-Story building...and they made 1/2 ton of grapes!

Oklahoma Wine News - Links and News for Local Wine Enthusiasts

9/10/2004 Takes Additional Step to Keep Alcohol Away From Minors

SAN FRANCISCO announced to day that it will begin using an "identification checking label" on all direct shipments to consumers of wine or wine-containing gift products.
The new label reminds delivery drivers that they may only deliver packages containing alcoholic beverages to a person aged 21 years or older, and instructs them how to properly check ID's and verify the identity of anyone who appears to be under 35 years of age. In the event the delivery person is not able to make a delivery in accordance with the ID checking label, instructs the delivery person to return the shipment at's expense. Takes Additional Step to Keep Alcohol Away From Minors


March of Dimes Ghoulin Around Gourmet Gala

March of Dimes Food and Wine Benefit Oct 16, 2004

I am still waiting to hear if any Oklahoma wineries will be participating in this event. Drop me an email if you hear anything!

The 2004 Chef's Auction is a fun and festive party event with black-tie option and/or costume attire, which features local restaurants serving tasty tidbits to partygoers. The evening also includes live and silent auction items, plus a costume contest and dancing with a live band. We also will honor the Great Spirits for 2004. The Great Spirits are individuals who have made a difference in the lives of Oklahomans and have worked for the betterment of their communities.

Date: Saturday October 16, 2004
Location: 2625 South Memorial Tulsa, Oklahoma
Phone: Laurie Applekamp 918-742-0333
Directions: Between 21st and 31st on South Memorial (east side)
Tickets & Sponsorship: Tickets: $75 per person/$100 per couple and sponsorship opportunities are available

Oklahoma March of Dimes Chapter Events page


Sunday Liquor Sales Battle Continues

Louisville, Kentucky liquor stores will ask metro officials to allow them to sell wine and liquor on Sunday in the wake of a state decision not to fight a court ruling allowing those sales. The Kentucky Court of Appeals ruled July 30, 2004 that local governments, not the state, can decide whether to allow the sale of packaged liquor and wine on Sundays.

Local Democrat Supports Free Trade
Tom Owen, D-8th, said he doesn't know if he would support Sunday sales. But he said he also doesn't see the logic of banning package sales while allowing liquor to be sold by the drink on Sundays.

"If you can buy a glass of wine at a restaurant, why is it so bad to be able to buy a bottle of wine at the store and take it home with you?" he asked.

Local Republican Supports Status Quo Trade Barriers
Doug Hawkins, R-25th, said he would oppose any change in the law, saying he believes the liquor stores should stay closed. Allowing them to open would likely cause an increase in drunken driving accidents, he said.

"That's the way people have had it for years. It's worked that way, and there has been no big problems with that," he said. He said buying a drink with dinner is different from buying a bottle of liquor, which he called "a party in a bag."

Metro Areas Only Please!
Which liquor stores would be allowed to sell wine and spirits on Sunday?

Kentucky County or city governments can pass ordinances allowing Sunday sales. Fifth- and sixth-class cities and counties without cities larger than fifth class are excluded. Those governments can set the hours that businesses could sell liquor and wine on Sundays.

Many States Moving Forward
Ohio's law allowing Sunday package sales will take effect later this month. Other states bordering Kentucky that allow Sunday package sales are Illinois, Missouri and Virginia.

However, the Sunday sales bills face major opposition from various special interests, including churches, convenience stores and the retail grocery industry. Critics say any plan to allow Sunday sales would open the door to more drunk drivers. Others argue it may have the opposite effect.

People can go to a bar now if they want to enjoy wine and spirits on Sunday, and this would give them the opportunity of going on home and drinking it and keep them off the roads.

In total, 31 states allow Sunday liquor sales in some form. In Oklahoma it's ok to sell beer but not wine on Sunday? Who came up this moronic law in the first place?

Oklahoma Wine News - items and events of interest to the Oklahoma Wine Industry

Oklahoma Museums Association 2004 Conference Sept 22 -24

Thursday Night Wine Tasting Provided by Turkey Creek Vineyards

The Oklahoma Museums Association is one of the most active state museum associations in the country and one of only eight with full-time paid staff. Their 2004 Fall Conference promises to provide three fantastic days of networking, learning and fun for attendees!

After the Thursday conference sessions, get ready for an evening of great food and fun! "Almost Famous" is your chance to dine in style and acquire some fabulous goods. Our evening begins with a reception at the Edmond Historical Society Museum.

Enjoy a taste from Turkey Creek Vineyards, offering a fine selection of authentic Oklahoma wines, and Redland Juice Company, serving high quality unfermented grape juice.

Sample hors d'oeuvres while visiting the museum's permanent gallery and hum along to "Get Your Kicks On Route 66" as you tour the traveling exhibition, "Return to Rt.66: Photographs From the Mother Road."

Then it’s off to the Sellers' Special Event Center for a seated dinner followed by the always-popular OMA Fundraising Auction. Paintings, photographs, wood, jewelry and other beautiful objects d'art made by OMA members and friends will be up for bid in a range of affordable prices.

Don’t miss this unique event! Thursday evening is being generously underwritten in part by the Edmond Historical Society Museum, Turkey Creek Vineyards and Redland Juice Company.

Oklahoma Museums Association - 2004 Annual Fall Conference


Canadian River Winery Fall Festival Sept 25

City of Slaughterville Fall Festival and Canadian River Winery Fall Festival

September 25, 2004 9am to 5pm On US 77 South of Norman 15 minutes. This event is free to the public.

For information call 405-872-5565.

Oklahoma Wine News - Winery Events from All Over Oklahoma


Grape Crush and Festival at Nuyaka Creek Winery

Harvest Time is Here!
The good folks at Nuyaka Creek Winery are expecting some more Oklahoma wine grapes to be delivered Tues. or Weds. Anyone interested in watching The Crush should call ahead to be sure the grapes arrived, then come on out to the winery!

If watching the wine grape crush is not your thing, don't miss Nuyaka Creek's Fall Harvest Festival on September 18, 2004.


Excellent Article on Whip Grafting

Whip Grafting - Bluefford G. Hancock, George Ray McEachern, and Larry A. Stein

WHIP GRAFTING (also called splice or tongue grafting) is one of the oldest methods of asexual plant propagation known. It is the predominant propagation method used on apples and is widely used on pear. Although most grapes are grown from cuttings in this country, whip grafting is the standard when they are propagated. Whip grafting has been the primary method employed in propagating pecan nursery stock in the southeastern United States.

This technique is also used to some extent in the Southeast and west to Louisiana for top-working larger pecan trees on the above-ground portions. Since successful whip grafting is closely correlated to the presence of high humidity, this method has not been used widely in the drier sections of Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas. A major strong point for whip grafting nursery stock is the smooth and straight trees that are produced by this method.

Full article with great pictures: Whip Grafting Basics

NJ Wineries and Wine Lovers Bested By Corporate Lobbying

New Jersey has given wine-lovers in California another reason to be thankful they live in the Golden State. To the satisfaction of alcohol distributors, last month New Jersey brought all direct-shipping of wine in the state to a halt. This change has left many small-winery owners shaking their heads.

According to a Federal Trade Commission study of wine ordered online, states that allow direct shipping have had few, if any, problems. The commission also found bans on direct shipping hurt Internet commerce and limited consumer choices. According to the trade commission study, state bans on direct shipping also prevent consumers from saving as much as 21 percent of the cost of some wines.

The large alcohol producers and distributors that support this change claim their goal is to protect America's youth from drinking. Talk about letting the fox guard the henhouse!

See the full article in the Daily Democrat - Small wineries see red over state shipping


Middle East Style BBQ at Tidal School Vineyards Sept 25

Tidal School Vineyards presents A World of Grilling, featuring evenings of fire cooking on the barbeque trail as people discover a taste of cuisine from Europe, Middle East and Central Asia.

On Sept. 25, Grilling from the Middle East features Ali kabobs with eggplant and yogurt, and on Oct. 16, Grilling from Central Asia, will have chicken tikka as the main entree.

Reservations are available by calling 866.258.1903 or at Tidal School Vineyards is located on highway 16, just 2 miles south of Drumright (take I-44 west, exit highway 33 and follow the signs.