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Deep Fork Music Festival in Chandler Nov 5

2nd Annual Deep Fork Music Festival Chandler Nov 5

On Historic Route 66 in Chandler OK, Deep Fork Festival offers good food, fine wines, great music, and a family atmosphere. This event is a blast for any folk music lover - Bluegrass, Country, Folk, Blues, Red Dirt, Traditional Mountain Music, Alternative Country, and Appalachian, you name it!

While you are there, taste and purchase a few Oklahoma wines at the Sparks Vineyard & Winery wine booth. Enjoy!

Date: Nov 5-7, 2004. Fri-Sun.
Place: Chandler, Trade Days Pavilion
Contact: 405-258-2459

2nd Annual Deep Fork Music Festival Nov 5-7, 2004


Red Wine For Lung Cancer Prevention

Drink Red Wine to Fight Lung Cancer!

Recent research suggests that red wine helps guard against lung cancer, a common cancer found in Oklahoma. More good news for Oklahoma wineries and not just the wineries who make elderberry wine!

Drinking a glass a day can offer significant protection against the disease, but the wine has to be red: rosé is no good, and white might even bring a higher risk.

Neither beer nor spirits appears to affect the cancer, according to the study by researchers at Santiago de Compostela University, published in the journal Thorax.

Red wine is said to protect against conditions from colds to heart disease, and the authors suggest the anti-cancer effect is due to antioxidants in tannins and resveratrol, a chemical that slows tumour growth.

The benefit is significant even after adjustments for smoking, occupation and overall drinking habits in the study, which involved lung cancer patients and others requiring minor surgery.

Check out the full article online.


Economic Development through Oklahoma Wine Tourism

Mary Fallin Thinks High Gasoline Prices Boost Tourism

With high gas prices prompting Americans to travel shorter distances for vacation, things seem to be going Oklahoma's way, according to Lt. Gov. Mary Fallin. See the full article by David Zizzo, writing for The (Daily) Oklahoman.

Fallin said Oklahoma being centrally located and at the crossroads of major interstate highways makes it a prime spot for tourism activity. She said communities and regions across the state should recognize and capitalize on the potential for economic development through tourism.

While I'm glad to hear one of Oklahoma's oh-so 'business friendly' Republicans talking about Oklahoma Tourism sure would have been nice to get more than more lame lip service. Here's a news flash for Oklahoma leaders interested in something that would actually help Oklahoma tourism. The state can do some things to help... other than subsidizing facilites for multi-million dollar corporations.

The Oklahoma wine industry today consists primarily of small family businesses that pay their taxes, support their local communities and finance THEIR OWN operations. Instead of doling out taxpayer money and massive tax breaks to Big Business Beggars like Bass Pro...let's talk about some fairly low cost ways the state government could improve the tourism environment in Oklahoma.

Mapping Oklahoma Tourism Attractions

Oklahoma wineries and wine tourism enthusiasts need detailed maps and highway signage to help drivers find attractions like Oklahoma wineries. However, most Oklahoma winery owners I have spoken to complained that Oklahoma government entities, like the Department of Tourism, offer no mapping assistance and huge obstacles to even purchasing highway signage.

The state of Oklahoma has already purchased the equipment and hired the mappers and creates maps of the state regularly. The costs of creating accurate, detailed statewide tourism attraction maps would be minimal. Distribution costs would be happily born by the wineries themselves, if they had access to the maps.

Reform Clueless Winery Regulations

Oklahoma state law requires every winery to regularly mail their price list to a massive list of, mostly invalid, liquor store addresses. The idea is to give each liquor retailer an equal opportunity to purchase. This is especially ironic since the vast majority have no interest in carrying Oklahoma wines and even if they did, they probably wouldn't purchase from the type of direct mail campaign that the state requires.

If the state is interested in getting the word out to Oklahoma liquor stores they could (a) develop a list of valid mailing addresses based on retailer tax records, (b) drop the pointless requirement entirely or (c) host the price lists online and allow for emailed submissions from the wineries.

Improve Our Oklahoma Roads and Bridges

Substandard Oklahoma roads and bridges cost Oklahoma drivers $1,053 each year - $2.3 billion statewide - in diminished safety, longer delays and increased vehicle wear. Oklahoma collected more than $984 million in state motor fuel and vehicle taxes in 2001, but less than 20 percent of it went to the Department of Transportation for maintenance of state roads and bridges, according to a study conducted last year by the Oklahoma Transportation Center at Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma.

Most Oklahoma wineries and vineyards are rural operations. Ask them, if high gasoline prices have improved the bottom line for their businesses. Mary Fallon's Republican optimism fits well with the Bush Administration who recently directed the USDA to change their definition of fresh vegetables to include frozen french fries! - Gasoline prices boost tourism, Fallin says


Portals and KM Reviews Oklahoma Wine News Blog

Oklahoma winery insiders know that their success depends on building strong customer relationships, innovative thinking, fast learning and constant improvement. These are some of the major goals of Knowledge Management or simply 'KM'. Longtime OWN readers and subscribers know that I am a passionate believer in the need to improve KM understanding in small businesses like Oklahoma wineries (See my KM book for details).

For that reason alone, I was extremely excited to read the kind blog review Bill Ives posted on his excellent KM blog: Portals and KM. Stop by and give his blog a look!

Portals and KM: Oklahoma Wine News - the Blog

Open Source Winery Management Software

Affordable Technology for Managing Winery Operations

Osiris is an Open Source Winery Management application.
It tracks all functions involved in wine production from harvest through bottling. It is a record keeping system and tracks wine compositions in all detail. Complete lot histories of all analyses and treatments, including cumulative additions and cost going back to weight tags.

A storage vessel can be any wine container you define. You can use single and groups of vessels such as barrels, tanks or trucks. Gauges can be interfaced to the system. Cost and wine lost to process is tracked and available in any form and any time letting you know if a wine is profitable. Taste and quality are tracked and problem areas are identified. For larger wineries tank lineup may prove very profitable with faster processing and reduced cellar crews.

Oklahoma wineries are struggling to be more successful in vital areas like Knowledge Management, winery operations, winery marketing, quality control, budgeting and grape growing. Low cost technology solutions like Osiris will become more important as the Oklahoma state wine industry grows.


Bedouin Shrine Wine Tasting Event Muskogee Feb 12

Taste Oklahoma Wines...Help Oklahoma Kids!

The public is invited to attend the Muskogee Bedouin Shrine Second Annual Wine Tasting Event on Feb. 12, 2005 from 2:00pm to 8:00pm at the Bedouin Center in Muskogee Oklahoma. All the wines will be from Oklahoma and the food also. Enjoy wine, music and dancing, all for a great cause.

The event is indoors so the weather is not a factor. The proceeds go to the Flying Fez unit of the Bedouin Shrine Center for an Aircraft to fly Children to our hospitals. The address is 201 south 6th street in Muskogee Ok. For more information you may call Bedouin at, 1-918-682-2761 or 1-918-348-0376. The cost is $5.00/person to taste and $2.50 for non tasters.

The food will be extra and if you would like a glass of wine with your meal it's $5.00. You also can win great door prizes!

The Shriners of North America is an international fraternity of approximately 500,000 members throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada and Panama.
The Shrine's official philanthropy is Shriners Hospitals for Children, a network of 22 hospitals that provide expert, no-cost orthopaedic and burn care to children under 18.

Donate to Shriners Hospitals for Children online.


Oklahoma Welcomes River Bend Vineyard

New Enid Area Vineyard Added to
Visitors to the Enid, Oklahoma area now have a new vineyard to visit.
River Bend Vineyard is in Cleo Springs, Oklahoma and is owned by Elton and Pat Regier.

Their vineyard is located 30 miles west of Enid on Highway 412.

Phone: (580)-438-2690 ( home)
(580)-227-0909 ( cell)

River Bend Vineyard
Tours and visits welcome by appointment

Benefit Food and Wine Tasting Nov 20 in Enid

St. Joseph's Food and Wine Tasting Nov 20 in Enid

A wine and food galore fundraiser for the catholic school, the largest in that area. Sparks Vineyard & Winery will donate 20% of the sales proceed to benefit the school. Don't miss this great opportunity to taste and purchase Sparks Vineyard wines and support St. Joseph’s.

A taste of St. Joe's Food & Wine Tasting
Date: Saturday Nov 20, 2004. 7-11 pm.
Place: St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Enid.
Phone: 580-242-4449 or 580-402-1071.

Oklahoma Wine and Art Events. Sparks Vineyard and Winery


Write Your Own Vineyard Business Plan

The Vineyard Business Plan Workbook

Last Thursday's post with the Small Winery Business Plan Example, was so popular, I thought you might want one for a Grape Growing Business Plan.

The workbook linked below was intended to serve as a guide to help you write your vineyard business plan. Completing the workbook should give you a clearer understanding of your business concept and the requirements to make your concept a reality. It was created by the Illinois Council on Food and Agricultural Research. It sure would be cool if Oklahoma's Grape Industry experts produced a helpful document like the one Illinois has created.

Write Your Own Vineyard Business Plan

Wine Wholesalers Industry Event Declared a Sham

Family Wineries Still Locked Out of Most Retail Markets
At the annual convention of the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America last April, the trade group boasted that they would sponsor events to bring small wineries products into their distribution networks. Six months later, the wineries are calling WSWA's program a sham.

Out of more than 3,000 American wineries, merely 11 wineries participated in the WSWA's Taste of the Industry event, pouring their wines for WSWA's 500 wholesaler members. Even from that small group, you cannot find a winery that managed to sign a contract to have the wholesalers represent and distribute their wines.

Here's a quote from the full article:

A wine war pits wine consumers -- who want to purchase wine directly from wineries -- against the multi-billion dollar wine wholesaler cartel, who want all purchases to flow through them. Since 1986, 26 states have opened to legal, regulated direct shipments from out-of-state wineries to adult consumers. These states have procedural safeguards in place that are satisfying state alcohol regulators and tax collectors, and are meeting the needs of a dynamic, national marketplace. For more information on direct shipping visit and

Wine Wholesalers Event was a Waste For Family Wineries


Chef Fest and Food Bank Benefit Nov 6

Chef Fest 2004 Saturday Nov 6 Tulsa Renaissance Hotel

More than 20 cooking classes and 6 wine classes with Tulsa's best chefs will be featured at this benefit event for the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. See, taste, smell, touch and ask questions. Vendors also on site with kitchen products and other items to make life more enjoyable. Drop me a comment if you hear of any Oklahoma wineries that will be participating in Chef fest 2004.

Event Hours: 9am-5pm
Admission is $35 per person.
Projected Attendance: 800
Directions: Located at 6808 S 107th E Ave.
Event Contact: Pat Kroblin
Phone: 918-260-7680
Web site:

Are You a Great Vintage?

Decanter's 100 Wines to Try Before you Die

To celebrate their top 100 wines list, Decanter Magazine has created a fun test to see if your year of birth was a great vintage or one to avoid. While not as useful as the recently posted Small Winery Business Plan Example or as fun as The Vineyard Challenge Game, I still found it interesting.

Am I a Great Vintage?


Native American Winery Markets Award Winning Wine

The First Native American Owned Winery in the United States

SAN FRANCISCO (BUSINESS WIRE) - Indigenous Global Development Corporation (OTCBB:IGDC), the first and only majority owned and publicly traded Native American company in the U.S., today announced the launch of its majority owned Native American wine company named Indigenous Wines, LLC. In its first month of operation, Indigenous Wines successfully placed its award winning Chardonnay product in four top restaurants located in the popular Belden Lane restaurant venue in San Francisco.

Indigenous Global Development Corporation and Draper & Esquin Wine & Spirits, LLC, a wine negotiant with a 40-acre vineyard designate in Monterey County, will market five (5) varietals under the label of Vinetou Wines. Vinetou is based on the name of a fictitious Native American Chief made popular by the stories written by German author Karl May in the 1890s.
"Vinetou will be the featured wine at the upcoming International Diplomacy Council Annual Gala Dinner at the San Francisco Ritz Carlton," said Deni Leonard, Chairman and CEO, Indigenous Global Development Corporation. "This is the first Native Owned Winery in the United States and we are proud to join the Osoyoos First Nation of Canada who have had a winery for many years."

I kind of hoped the first one would be here in Indian Country...oh well.
Indigenous Wines, LLC Formed by IGDC; Native American Winery Markets Award Winning Wine

Enid Wine and Food Festival Nov 6

5th Annual Enid Wine and Food Festival Nov 6

Billed as one of the largest wine and food events in Northwest Oklahoma.

Sample from over 60 wines, 14 gourmet beers, cordials and more. Delicious food made by Enid's best caterers and restaurants, not to mention all the cheese!

Cherokee Strip Conference Center
Sat. Nov 6th @ 7 to 10 pm
Cost: $25.00 per person

For more information call: (580) 233-1325


Peach Chardonnays of Oklahoma

Oklahoma wine makers are crushing more than grapes this year. Future vineyard managers may be surrounding their vineyards with Oklahoma Peaches. (OSU - Apple & Peach Growing Tips for Oklahoma)
Here Comes the Peach Chardonnays!

Both Tidal School Vineyards in Drumright and Nuyaka Creek Winery near Bristow have discovered a secret. Combining the lush, juicy freshness of sun ripened peaches and the saucy tang of Chardonnay grapes is the best combo since 'you got your chocolate bar in my peanut butter'! It may not suit strict wine traditionalists, but they can always just have the Merlot instead. For an easy-drinking wine to break the ice and loosen up any gathering, Peach Chardonnay is just the ticket. The light sweetness will appeal to a wide spectrum of palates.

Take a road trip up Highway 16 sometime, you can visit both Nuyaka Creek and Tidal School wineries to try their Peach Chardonnays and even stop by Natura Vineyards on the way. The area is full of hardwood forests and well-trimmed pecan groves displaying their colors to salute the approaching winter, so it makes a nice drive.
If you taste them both, stop by and drop us a comment. I would love to hear your comparisons.


Small Winery Business Plan Example

Want to Start Your Own Winery...You Need a Plan

Check out this research paper vineyard guru Mark Pisoni wrote when he was at Cornell on creating a business plan for a small winery.

I found the business plan to be very interesting. It is a unique insight into the business aspects of starting and operating a small premium winery, based on tasting room sales. This is especially useful to Oklahoma wine enthusiasts hoping to enter the wine industry, as they can count on little or no support from the majority of local wine retailers and less from the national distributors.
Oklahoma Wine News - Wine Industry News and Wine Tasting Events


Oklahoma Winery and Festival in Wewoka Oct. 23

Sorghum Day Oct. 23 in Wewoka

Wewoka's Sorghum Day festival started in 1976 as a celebration of the town's 110th anniversary.

Sorghum is a form of molasses and the crops look like a field of sugar cane. Sorghum is used for many things including cakes and cookies, but the most famous for the festival is the Indian fry bread with sorghum.

Although sorghum making and the 1800's sorghum mill in operation are the major attractions, there are activities and entertainment for everyone, including music ranging from banjo and bluegrass to military and jazz.

A new attraction this year will be the option to visit the Oklahoma Wine Company, a new winery recently opened in downtown Wewoka, Oklahoma. This year they even won some medals at the Oklahoma State Fair: a Bronze medal for Terra Rosa (blend of Red Zinfandel and Sangiovese Grapes) and a Silver medal for Cabernet Franc.

More than 140 craft booths vendors set up to sell all kinds of novelties and over 20 food vendors with a large variety of foods. If you are artistic, the festival has an art, photography; quilt and craft show to enter items. Other attractions include Seminole Nation Museum tours, a Seminole Indian Hunter's village with demonstration of pioneer skills.

Penny Kelly
P O Box 719
123 S Mekusukey
Wewoka, OK 74884
Phone: 257-5485
Fax: 257-2662


Online Wine Magazine Adds Oklahoma Wines Section

Wine and Cuisine Adds Oklahoma Wines Section

Oklahoma wineries will be glad to find out that their efforts are gaining more and more recognition. Popular online (soon to be print) magazine Wine & Cuisine has even added an Oklahoma wines section to their publication.

Wine & Cuisine covers the world of wine, food, and travel in the American South and Southwest. It offers comprehensive information for wine and food lovers everywhere. Updated bi-monthly with new articles and new photos, it handles under-served demographics throughout the U.S. and the world.

In her debut article, Dianne M. Jones discusses some of the wineries and other offerings along Oklahoma's stretch of Route 66.
She mentions both StableRidge Vineyards in Stroud and Summerside Winery in Vinita in this article.

Oklahoma Section of Wine & Cuisine Magazine


Enjoy Art On Main Festival in Jenks Oct. 9

Art On Main Festival in Jenks Oct 9, 2004

Fostering an awareness and appreciation for Oklahoma artists is the mission for the first-ever Art on Main – A Celebration of Oklahoma Art and Music to be held October 9, from noon to 7 PM in historic, downtown Jenks’ Main Street.

Closed to all vehicle traffic, Main Street will come alive with the vibrant colors of artistic works and sounds of local musicians including Before Sunday, Jerry Robinson – lead singer of the band 70 Weeks, and the Jamey Tiffee Band. The smooth sounds of Earl Clark will cap off the night as he and his band perform in a two-hour concert in the middle Main Street, on the BancFirst/PSO stage.

In addition, special booths will offer the public a chance to sample wine from the Oklahoma vineyards of Nuyaka Creek Winery and Summerside Vineyard and Winery. Not to forget about the big OU-Texas game, a special Bank of Oklahoma tent, complete with a big screen TV, will be set up for those who would like to stop by and catch up on the latest college games. Right next to the BOK tent, the Back Street Bistro will be serving up great football food and beer.

Art on Main is presented in part through a cooperative grant funded through the Oklahoma Arts Council and the National Endowment of the Arts.

For more information, please contact the Jenks Chamber of Commerce at 299-5005.
Jenks, Oklahoma - Art on Main – A Celebration of Oklahoma Art and Music