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Tidal School Vineyards Grape Harvest Event

Second Annual 'A Walk In The Clouds' Harvest Champagne Brunch!

On a cool Saturday morning experience 'A Walk in the Clouds Harvest Champagne Brunch' at Tidal School Vineyards in Drumright. This is a very special event that you won't want to miss!

Learn how to harvest, watch the crush and enjoy the good life complete with live music, beautiful champagne brunch and free samples of over a dozen wines!

We will harvest on Saturday morning...August 26th from 9:00 AM until noon.

- Grape Harvest Demonstration
- One Hour Grape Harvest of the Estate Cabernet Franc
- Watch 'The Crush' Where Grapes Begin to Become Wine!
- Hearty Full Champagne Breakfast Brunch
- Live Music
- Free Wine Tasting of Over a Dozen Wines
- Only $24.95 per person

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Oklahoma Wineries Partner with Local Glass Plant

Dianne Jones, one of the owners of Nuyaka Creek Winery, recently sent me this field trip report. I hope you enjoy it!

Oklahoma Wines in Oklahoma Wine Bottles

The glass industry in Oklahoma has a long history. As a winery trying to revive an industry that was totally destroyed by prohibition, Nuyaka Creek Winery has been eager to have our local glass plant producing wine bottles.

Some of our friends and neighbors are employed at the area glass plants and we had discussed with them how nice it would be to bottle Oklahoma wine in Oklahoma glass bottles. Our hopes have been fulfilled with the recent contract awarded to Anchor Glass in Henryetta, Oklahoma.

Diablo Packaging has contracted for several million (yes, I said million) wine bottles to be produced at the Henyretta plant. Of course, the number purchased by Oklahoma winemakers will be small in comparison to the numbers sold by Diablo Packaging to the rest of the world, we are still proud of this new opportunity that promotes our Oklahoma Economy.

We were invited to tour the plant recently along with Dana Hutton from Natura Winery, Nancy Miller of the Henryetta Freelance and Diane Andrews from KOKL Radio in Okmulgee. Pete and I arrived, a few minutes late, and found everyone waiting. Both Dana and I arrived, in an effort to put our best foot forward, (no pun intended) in our summer sandals. We were informed that we couldn’t tour the plant in open toe shoes. Not wanting to miss out, Dana inquired if the plant manager didn’t have an extra pair of shoes we could borrow. He in fact had two pairs, so Dana and I were fixed up. We traipsed through the plant from one end to the other in shoes a little big for us, but they did the job.

We watched the totally automatic line start with the hot mix and followed it seeing red hot 'stuff' turn in to orangish red bottles then gradually cool to their wine green shade. All on conveyers it automatically proceeded through the plant being inspected totally by computers until it came to one visual inspection by a human. Then they were picked up by automatic arms loading 12 bottles into each cardboard box and continued on by conveyer to be put on pallets, then wrapped in plastic to be shipped out. We went up and down ladders and found out that a glass plant is a 'big' place. Mr. Butch Glover, General Manager, gave us all a wonderful, informative tour and we were very grateful for his hospitality.

We have been giving you Oklahoma wine with Oklahoma produced labels and we soon will have the wine bottled in Oklahoma bottles. Watching one industry spin off new industries or add products to existing businesses right here in Oklahoma helps our economy and enables our children to remain in their home state for their livelihood. -- Dianne Jones, Nuyaka Creek Winery

Oklahoma winery owners tour Henryetta Glass Plant

I think the info above helps to illustrate some of the less obvious economic benefits of developing Oklahoma's local wine and vineyard industry. The story is by no means a fluke. Artists, web designers, musicians, media outlets...just about any business you can name stands to benefit from the growth of this exciting new Oklahoma wine industry.

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Panther Hills Winery July Festival

July Preharvest Festival

On the last two Sundays in July, join Panther Hills Winery to celebrate the upcoming grape harvest.

Take the vineyard tour and walk amongst the vines. View the ripening grapes hanging on the vines. Hear the vineyard manager discuss the growing season. See the different varieties of grapes. Tour the winery. See the equipment used to make wine. Hear the vintner describe the winemaking process.



Grisso Mansion Vineyard in Seminole

Grisso Mansion Vineyard
Grisso Mansion Vineyard,
originally uploaded by SaintSeminole.
While I was browsing around Flickr today I found this photo of Grisso Mansion Vineyard wine made in Seminole, Oklahoma.

I couldn't find any info about the vineyard on the web, but the Grisso Mansion is mentioned a few places listing historic landmarks.

Paris on Paseo Event, Oct. 6 & 7 in OKC

Call for Oklahoma Wineries.

Here's a great chance to get your Oklahoma wines some exposure in Oklahoma's largest market...OKC. If you operate an Oklahoma winery, have a look at the letter below from Alma Hepp, Secretary for The Paseo Artists Association.

I am seeking Wineries to participate in an event that needs Oklahoma Wineries in The Paseo Arts District, N. W. 30th and Paseo, Oklahoma City, OK.

We are about 20 art studios/galleries in the Only Art District In Oklahoma, according to AAA Magazine. We have some pretty large events in our Art District. Some of the Oklahoma Wineries have held wine tastings in my Studio - Carousels & More - on First Fridays.

The Paseo Artists Association is having a 'Paris on Paseo' event, Oct. 6 & 7, 2006.

  • Oct. 6 will also be our well attended First Friday event for October.
  • Oct. 7 is our First Saturday Gallery Walk for October.

Paris is our theme. This event has been annual for about 11 years. We will have artists outside our own community come, set up on the street, and ply their art, be it painting, sculpting, sketching, whatever.

The theme is Artists and Their Model. People come, watch them, (enjoy the wine tastings), have refreshments we furnish, and purchase items. Artists in studios dress a little 'Frenchy'. Paseo metal sculptor, Collin Rosebrook of Paseo Pottery, is going to construct an Eiffel Towel of 'found metal objects' which will be a permanent item on Paseo.

We will also have - outside in the shade - a fine craft sale with selected crafts people doing fine crafts and selling. We will also have a children's area of them building their own Eiffel Tower and they will be judged.The gist of this is - PAA (Paseo Artists Association) would like to have as many Oklahoma Wineries set up in our studios to have wine tastings as we can get. I know not all can come, I know some are further away from Oklahoma City.

We, in the studios, can furnish tables, coverings, crackers, napkins, and good will if you can bring your wines, give tastings and sell your wares if you want to. We encourage you to bring your advertising materials, a sign if you have one and come prepared to enjoy the Paris On Paseo event at The Paseo Art District. We will be having several guest artist openings during that time also.

You may answer this by:

  • Email -
  • Studio telephone - 405-525-4377,
  • Home telephone (before 10:30 am or after 6 pm 405-949-1260
  • or cell (most of the time) 405-659-7251.

Also I can receive mail at

Alma Hepp,
c/o Carousels & More
3018 Paseo,
Oklahoma City, OK. 73103.

Please consider this event and participate. I have had several Oklahoma wineries in my studio on various First Fridays and they will vouch, I hope, that we try to make it an enjoyable event each time. --- Alma Hepp, Secretary, Paseo Artists Association

It really sounds like a fun event!

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Mystery Dinner Theatre at Tres Suenos Winery

Saturday, July 22 - Tres Sueños Mystery Dinner Theatre!

Dinner begins at 6:30 with the play beginning at 7:30. Dinner meal provided by Zios Italian Restaurant. Comedy murder mystery performed by Whodunit Dining Room. Call 277-7089 for reservations. $30.00 includes meal, tax, drink, and play! Wine may be purchased separately. Check out Whodunit's website for more info:

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A Grape Picker for Just One Day - Aug 26

Catch The Crush Harvest Party 2006!
Saturday August 26, 2006

What is a Harvest Party?

It’s your chance to live the glamorous life of a grape picker for just one day! The day will begin at 9:00 a.m. at Summerside Winery on Historic Route 66 at the I-44 Vinita (exit 289) exit. A tasty continental breakfast, 'meet and greet', and private tour will start off the day.

At 10:00 a.m. a car caravan will proceed 12 miles to Summerside Vineyards in Ketchum, just off Grand Lake where you can experience the harvest (just for the fun of it). The 4th annual 'Big Kahuna' will be awarded to the person who picks the largest cluster of grapes!

We’ll be returning to the winery just in time for a little pampering and entertainment. You’ll love the sumptuous champagne brunch served with live musical entertainment…perfect after a morning of fun and laughter.

For those interested in a little more hands on – or in this case, feet on participation, volunteers will be able to do a 'Lucy Arnez' by hopping in a vat to stomp some grapes. Don’t forget to sign your souvenir t-shirt with your purple feet!

  • Experience the good life!
  • Winery Breakfast
  • Grape Harvest
  • Contests
  • Grape Stomp
  • Live Music
  • Champagne Lunch

Click here for the complete event details. There is limited space so make your reservations early!

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A Taste of Western Oklahoma

Summer Grapes in Nuyaka
Summer Grapes in Nuyaka,
originally uploaded by FreeWine.
Clinton, Oklahoma Food Expo July 20, 2006

from 4pm to 7pm at the Frisco Conference Center.

Taste some of the finest gourmet foods in the OKC area at this annual food expo. A number of Oklahoma wineries will also be there to offer you a sample of their wares. Nuyaka Creek Winery will be there, so stop by and say hi to my folks!

You may also want to check out the official Oklahoma Route 66 Museum built in 1993.



Oklahoma Grapes Getting Ripe Early

Oklahoma Grapes
Oklahoma Grapes,
originally uploaded by FreeWine.
Several varieties of grapes are ripening early again this year in the vineyards at Nuyaka Creek Winery. Some vineyards are expecting two harvests this year. Stop by and see them for yourself, directions at