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Local Wineries at Cherry Street Farmers Market

Oklahoma Wineries Sign-up Now!

Cherry Street Farmers’ Market & Cherry Street Farmers' Market at Brookside are now accepting applications for vendors at both the Saturday (Cherry Street) and Wednesday (Brookside) Farmers’ Markets in Tulsa. We have received confirmation from the ABLE Commission that wineries may now sell as regular vendors at farmers’ markets (not just at special events).

Our 2008 Market Guidelines state, in part, that 'Products must be 100% Oklahoma-grown or raised and a grower must grow at least 70% of their products. They are authorized to purchase 30% of their total volume of goods sold per market day of their products from an Oklahoma U-pick farm.'

Vendors who feel they may qualify may request the full set of Market Guidelines by emailing: Questions may be directed to that address as well.

The Cherry Street Farmers’ Market is an established market beginning its 11th year of operation.

The Saturday Market season is April 12 – October 4.

The Wednesday Market is open May 7 – October 22. A vendor may choose to sell weekly or just occasionally.

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Rebirth of the Small Family Farm: A Handbook for Starting a Successful Organic Farm Based on the Community Supported Agriculture Concept

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Taste Sailing Horse Wines in Tulsa Mar 15-16

Libby's Tulsa - Grand Opening Fair!

When: March 15-16 (Sat/Sun, 10am-7pm)

Where: 1341 E. 41st (41st & Peoria, next to Wild Oats), Tulsa Brookside district

Rick's wife, Deborah Gibbens announces the expansion her Libby's ladies apparel business into the Tulsa market. Her new Tulsa boutique will be located next door to Wild Oats (aka Whole Foods) at the NE corner of south 41st and Peoria in the trendy Brookside area. The Brookside district boasts a number of well established boutiques, night spots and healthy lifestyle stores (read more). Libby's new presence will complement a Brookside with a flamboyant fashion influence. Libby's in Brookside will open its doors on March 15-16 showcasing Spring fashions (click here to see some examples).

Of course, Sailing Horse Winery will be on hand March 15th-16th to conduct wine tastings at Libby's Spring Grand Opening Fair. (coinciding with various Spring Break schedules, this fair will continue each weekend throughout March)

April events:
19th & 26th (Sat) 8-noon, 'Buy fresh, buy Local' at Muskogee Farmers Market, Muskogee Convention Center pavillion (on Okmulgee)

May events:
17th-18th (Sat/Sun) Italian Festival, McAlester Expo Center
17th-18th (Sat/Sun) 2nd Annual Bucket Run Sailing Regatta, Lake Eufaula (View from Gator's and Evergreen Marina)



2nd Annual Art In the Vineyard April 19

2008 Tidal School Winery Arts Event

April 19th, 2008 / 10am - 5pm

A festival of fine art, fine wine and fine food -- and this year,
fine music. If you missed this one last year, you are in for a
treat this year. This is a great show featuring Oklahoma artists
with something for everyone--paintings, drawings, etchings,
carvings, bronzes, jewelry. Food vendors, strategically located so
no one gets hungry while strolling through the art, will have a
variety of foods to please every palate. This is a great way to
spend Saturday. Show hours are 10 am until 5 pm.

Again this year, a portion of the proceeds from the show will be
benefiting the Little Rascals Animal Aide Foundation in Drumright,
. There will also be animals available for adoption that
day. This is a Free Event!

Reserve Your Tickets Today!



Oklahoma Wine Laws Bottle Up State Vineyards

The website for Sailing Horse Winery in Eufaula recently linked to an excellent YouTube video. It shows a recent episode of The Oklahoma Horizon Show focused on the Oklahoma wine industry. The report includes interviews with a number of Oklahoma winemakers, grape growers and legislators, as well as loads of Oklahoma vineyard and winery footage.

If you have the bandwidth to download the five minute video, check it out and let us know what you think by leaving a comment!

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Vineyard Pruning Event in Tulsa Mar 15-16

At the Whispering Vines Vineyard Pruning Event volunteers are invited to come help prune two acres of vineyards in Tulsa. This is a great way to get to know your local winery and learn the basics of creating your own Oklahoma wine grape vineyard.

In addition...there will be donuts.

On March 15 & 16, 2008, the grape pruning basics that volunteers will learn include:

• Learn where to cut the grape vines.

• Learn to remove old wood and why.

• Learn to root cuttings at home.

To find out more, go to, or or call: 918-231-7928.

You can learn a great deal from reading wine grape growing books, but nothing beats real hands-on training events like these!



2008 Colony Cove Wine Festival June 21

Enjoy Grand Lake and Oklahoma wines at the Colony Cove Wine Festival. Located in Ketchum Cove between Colony Cove and Hammerhead Marina.

Oklahoma Wineries, Food and Fun at this wine event on June 21, 2008 from 10am to 4pm. $10.00 per person.

On the grounds between Colony Cove and Hammerhead Marina
35005 Colony Cove Circle
Vinita, Okla 74301



Oklahoma Grape Vineyard Sale and Training

The Davis-Ham Vineyard is for sale you can see some pictures on the Lincoln County Grape Growers Site at:

Other Oklahoma Wine Industry News Events:

Free ABLE Workshop
Friday, March 28, 2008 at Redlands Community College
1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Topics: Licensing, licensing renewal, price posting,
legal issues, inspections, audits

Please email number of attendees to:
Andrew Snyder (

Free Wine Grape Pruning Instruction

Summserside Vineyards in Vinita, Oklahoma
Saturday, March 8 2008
Call for more information: 888-508-9463 (WINE)

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Welfare For Corporations in Oklahoma

Highway 266 Boat Ramp
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KJRH recently covered the continueing efforts of Oklahoma lawmakers to protect liquor wholesalers from a free market.

Under the current system, McSpadden said, an Oklahoma wine maker who wants to sell a case of wine to a local liquor store must transport the wine to a liquor warehouse in Oklahoma City or Tulsa, where it has to sit for 24 hours before it can be trucked back to the liquor store in the winery's hometown. -- KJRH story - Liquor wholesalers keep wine bill bottled up in committee

The general arguement that a few distributors are easier to regulate than a diverse free market could apply to ANY product or industry. Real 'free trade' doesn't require complicated 'negotioations' between legislators, distributors and wine makers. It doesn't require 800 plus page NAFTA style pacts. It simply requires the willingness of our leaders to get OUT of the business of picking winners and buiding monopolies to fund their campaigns.

Anything less is corporate welfare.