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Introduction to Knowledge Management - KM in Business 
by Todd Groff and Thomas Jones

The book will introduce you to a wide range of knowledge management (KM) tools, techniques and terminology for enhancing innovation, communication and dedication among individuals and workgroups. The focus is on real-world business examples using commonly available technologies, common sense and systems thinking. The textbook format of this fun and exciting introduction to KM makes it both memorable and practical.

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  • Grow Your Career!
  • Be more creative!
  • Build stronger networks!

The benefits of the emerging discipline of Knowledge Management (KM) have become clear to the Fortune 500. They are investing hundreds of millions of dollars annually in KM experts and technologies. Any enterprise can be improved using the information sharing and innovation driving concepts at the core of the Knowledge Management movement. Are you missing the boat?

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  • Create Your own KM Training Class

Learn how America's biggest and brightest companies apply the technologies techniques and principles of KM to drive up creativity, community and productivity. You will find the textbook offers many business cases and group exercises that make it ideal for supplemental KM courses or corporate training.

  • Easy to read, user-friendly introduction to Knowledge Management
  • Full of practical applications for business professionals like you!
  • An Online Instructor’s Guide is available, with power point slides, case studies, exercises and review questions
  • Take your Networking skills to the next level!

This soft cover college-level textbook will bring you up-to-speed on one of the hottest subjects in business today...KM!

Executive Reader Testimonials

"As someone who has struggled to manage change in several large organizations, I am very excited about the powerful techniques in this textbook for increasing business agility and empowering knowledge workers."

- Wayne Anderson, Senior Vice President, Service Management, Sabre Inc.

"Excellent Book! 
This book was my first introduction to Knowledge Management. Truthfully, I could not be more pleased! I'm a Director of Sales for a leading insurance company and am responsible for 250 offices across the Northeast U.S. Our organization has struggled for many years with the very issues addressed in this text and I found the insight gained to be invaluable.

It is easy to see that the authors, Groff and Jones, are experienced management professionals. They adeptly and expertly framed the content in an enjoyable and easy to understand manner that is directly applicable in multiple business scenarios. In fact, I utilized several of concepts from the text in developing our annual business plan. Through these initiatives, we expect to improve efficiency and overall productivity resulting in increased profitability for the business unit.

Without a doubt, this text is a tool that will assist my organization in maximizing results in today's quickly changing business environment."

-- Rob Stone Pennsylvania Insurance Industry Executive

“This systemically organized, innovative and well-written book astutely integrates content, technology and problem-solving into a learning tool that sets the standard for maximizing learning in an arena that is continuously bombarded with interventions that compete for each learner's attention.”

- Robert E. Klabenes, President, Oklahoma State University-Okmulgee

"...The book nicely serves as an introduction to both the technical and behavioral sides of KM for those newly acquainted with the process." 

- Lorri Zipperer,
reviewer for the newsletter
Biofeedback Volume 29, Number 2 - Special Libraries Association.  See Full Review

ISBN: 0750677287     Book/Paperback
Measurements: 8 1/2 X 11 in
Pages: 200
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann

Publication Date:
20 June 2003


FACT:  78% of companies believe they are currently missing out on business opportunities by failing to successfully exploit available knowledge. 

  The First Textbook for KM

Introduction to Knowledge Management - KM in Business 

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Because knowledge has become the single most important factor of production, managing intellectual assets has become the single most important task of business. -- Thomas A. Stewart

The Authors:
Todd Groff

Consultant, IBM’s Business Consulting Services, Tulsa

Thomas Jones
Consultant, IBM’s Business Consulting Services, Tulsa

Make Teaching KM Effective & Easy!

Topics include: Introducing KM; Personal KM; Capture & Corroborate; Organize and Secure; Analyze and Collaborate; Story Telling & Knowledge Transfer; Systems Thinking; Harnessing Metcalfe's Law; 3D Communication; Building-In Knowledge Exchange; Developing KM Strategies; The Ethics of KM; Metrics and the Taming of Wicked Problems; and Careers Opportunities in KM.

Readership: Business courses with sections on knowledge management; corporate training programs in knowledge management and anyone business person looking for the ultimate competitive edge!

The text is set out in a clear and straightforward way, with definitions highlighted, brief case studies included that illustrate key points, dialogue sections that probe for practical applications, and written exercises. Each chapter concludes with discussion questions, review questions, and a vocabulary review. You will that an Online Instructor’s Guide is available, free of charge.

"Todd and I wrote this textbook to introduce inquiring minds of all ages to the exciting and valuable opportunities that KM methodologies offer. You won't find it stuffed with difficult jargon or costly software recommendations. Start unlocking the hidden potential of yourself and your team, today!" -- Thomas P. Jones


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